Dorothy Stratten as Miss Cosmos

Dorothy Stratten on the show Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (1979)

episode Cruise Ship to the Stars (1979)

After the galactic beauty queen Miss Cosmos is attacked by a mysterious woman, Buck Rogers and Wilma Deering are assigned to protect her while she travels aboard a luxury space liner. Onboard, Buck encounters Alison Michaels, who suffers from periodic blackouts which her boyfriend, Jalor Davin, dismisses as mental stress caused by hypertension. After another attack against Miss Cosmos, Buck confronts the assailant, Sabrina, a wild-haired woman with superhuman strength and deadly psychokinetic powers. He begins to suspect that Sabrina and Alison are the same and that Jalor has been exploiting her powers so that they can capture Miss Cosmos and sell her perfect genetics on the black market.

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